Portable Seating For Santa

PORTABLE: Patented portable design – folds up for easy transport.

COMPACT: Folds down to 4” deep, 16” wide, and either 24”, 36” or 48” long.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Couch for Claus weighs only 50 pounds. Throne for Claus weighs only 28 pounds. Chair for Claus weighs only 22 pounds.

CONVENIENT: All three set up in 2 or 3 minutes.

STURDY: All Seats For Santa comfortably support 500+ pounds.

DURABLE: Strong plywood panel construction with full-length piano hinges.

FUNCTIONAL: 48″ wide couch has room for 3 adults and two children on Santa’s knees. 36″ wide throne seats Santa and one adult or two children. 24″ wide chair has room for Santa and children on each knee.

ECONOMICAL: Fully assembled sanded raw wood ready for you to decorate.

COMPLETELY FINISHED: Painted, ready to use with upholstered 3″ high density foam cushion and decorative wood carving header.

CUSTOM: No two are exactly the same, choose your Santa Claus Couch, Throne, or Chair with decorative candy cane or celebration gold accent

PATENTED: Couch, Throne and Chair for Claus are protected original designs created by Tampa Santa Jim Williams.